Children of the Night – Paul Kenyon

A vivid, brilliant, darkly humorous and horrifying history of some of the strangest dictators that Europe has ever seen. Balanced precariously on the shifting fault line between East and West, Romania’s schizophrenic, often violent past is one of the great untold stories of modern Europe. The country that gave us Vlad Dracula, and whose citizens […]

The Man Who Never Was – Mark Dawson

John Milton is used to operating in the shadows, weaving his way through dangerous places behind a fake identity. Now, to avenge the death of a close friend, he must wear his mask of deception once more. Narrated by David Thorpe, this is one of the most popular adventure series we’ve produced. 

Sunset – Jessie Cave

Sunset is a bittersweet love story about putting yourself back together after the sky has fallen in.  Written by Jessie Cave and narrated by Bebe Cave, this title has the most positive feedback the client has ever recorded in the shortest time. It was a particular highlight for us in 202.